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What you want to know before you get started.

Common Questions

What makes CompatibleSingles.com different?

CompatibleSingles.com is not only an online christian dating site but we also offer several innovative ways to find that special some online

Text Messaging Favorite
E-Cards Email

CompatibleSingles.com is a safe and easy way to date online. Our members share a common faith that makes them approach their love lives differently. On average, our members are serious about finding someone to share their lives with.

Now CompatibleSingles.com has created a secure place online to find your compatible math. We've gone the extra step of creating match screening profiles to make your online dating experience successful..

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Why should I use CompatibleSingles.com?

CompatibleSingles.com is an online dating service where you can browse, match, text, email and chat in order to communicate with other members. We also have added features that let you create a compatibility profile to uncover exactly what you need from an ideal match. Our is free to join and browse for everyone!

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Why am I having problems viewing CompatibleSingles.com?

CompatibleSingles.com is best viewed using the Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. There are many advanced features used in our site that are not supported by other browsers. To download and install Internet Explorer, click here.

Another reason you may have difficulty viewing or using our site is that "cookies" must be enabled and "javascript" must be installed on your computer. You can enable these features by clicking the Tools menu within Internet Explorer.

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How much does it cost to join CompatibleSingles.com?

It is free to join and browse CompatibleSingles.com. Other advanced features, such as text messaging, emailing e-cards and chatting, are available for various upgrade fees.

Upgrade features:

Reach out using mobile technology.
Mobile dating on the go.

Emailing e-cards
Send a special message.
Make someone's day with our romantic email cards.

Photo slideshows
Enhance your profile.
Add photos and video to really show your life.

Compatible profiling
Find your perfect match.
Get to meet those you have the most in common with.

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How do I get started?

It only takes a few minutes to register with CompatibleSingles.com. Just tell us a little about you, your ideal match and your faith. Upload a photo and start browsing through hundreds of singles in your area.

Ready to get started? click here.

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Dating Questions

What precautions should I take when dating online?

Never agree to meet someone alone that you've only met online. Take a friend and find a meeting place where there will be a lot of people and even security for that extra protection. Always tell friends and family about the people you meet online and any arranged dates or meeting places.

At CompatibleSingles.com, we offer several ways to communicate before meeting which will help you get to know your possible match. Try sending e-cards, text messaging or chatting online before meeting in person.

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How do I find matches on CompatibleSingles.com?

If your love life is important to you then take the time to do some serious searching. That may mean fine tuning your search criteria to enhance compatibility. At CompatibleSingles.com, we have several different ways to search for a match. First, we are constantly working behind the scenes to find you a match and when we do, you will receive possible candidate alerts via email.

Second, you can log into your account and create a Match profile which can be used for searching. You can also view new members to keep your prospects open or search through one of our local singles clubs to find someone near you.

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How can I communicate with my matches?

At CompatibleSingles.com, we offer innovative ways to communicate with other members. You can text a member you're interested in or send them an e-card online. Both your contact information and theirs is kept private until you're ready to disclose it. Just open the profile of a member you like and choose the communication option that suits you best.

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How can I use CompatibleSingles.com on my phone?

We have many features at CompatibleSingles.com that let you use your Dating in several important ways. Use our Garage Sale Planner to organize and label sale items. Our Moving Planner lets you virtually pack online, create box labels, and unpack quickly when you arrive at your new place. Use our Estate Planner to give valuable possessions to your loved ones. You can even include this in your will.

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Security Questions

How secure is my dating profile?

We take the security of your online profile very seriously. We are using industry standard, state-of-the-art technologies to make sure that your payment information is secure. All information that goes to or from your computer will be encrypted using a technology called “Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL). Only you can change your profile settings.

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Can anyone access my CompatibleSingles.com account?

No. In order to view your dating progile, you must login using your username and password.

Remember to Sign Out under My Account after each session to properly protect your CompatibleSingles.com account. back to top

Technical Questions

Do I need to install the CompatibleSingles.com app to view my account on my phone?

At CompatibleSingles.com, there is no app to download or install. All you have to do is navigate to our website using your smart phone. We will automatically detect that you are on the go and give you access to our mobile site.

Click here to register online. It only takes a few minutes.

What are the browser requirements?

In order to use CompatibleSingles.com you must be using Firefox, Netscape 7.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

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How do I enable cookies?

In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu and selectInternet Options and then the Privacy tab. In Firefox, click the "Tools" menu, "Options", clicking the "Privacy" button, under "Cookies" check the "Allow sites to set cookies" option. In Netscape, users can enable cookies by clicking the "Tools" menu and then opening the "Cookie Manager".

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How do I enable javascript?

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click Internet Options.
  4. Within Internet Options click the Security tab.
  5. In the Security tab click the Custom Level button.
  6. Scroll down the list (close to the bottom) and locate "Active Scripting" and select "Disable", "Enable", or "Prompt" depending on if you want to enable or disable JavaScript.

Mozilla / Mozilla Firefox / Netscape

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click Tools and then Options.
  3. Click the Content button.
  4. Within the Content section check the "Enable JavaScript" option to enable JavaScript or uncheck the JavaScript option to disable JavaScript.

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Service Questions

Who do I contact when I need help with my account?

You can also report support issues online at the Login Page or on your Dating Home Page

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