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How to find your perfect match online!
Be Honest About Yourself
You're in charge of your online profile and the more accurate it is, the better your chances are for finding a compatible match. An online profile at CompatibleSingles.com includes key compatibility factors such as appearance, work habits and favorite passtimes.

When you create an online profile that really reflects who you are, it increases the chances that you'll find someone you can build a relationship with. Make sure that you upload a recent and flattering photo so that there will be no suprises when you and your match finally meet.
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Be Picky - Create Your Perfect Match
It's okay to be picky. Noone knows what you want better than you. Many singles think that they will improve their chances of attaining a relationship if they relax their standards. However, long term compatibility is increased by each partners personal satisfaction.

The best way to acheive this is to create a comprehensive profile of your perfect match. Has anyone ever asked you to describe your ideal partner? Well here at CompatibleSingles.com, we want to know. Tell us everything about the perfect person for you and we'll help you find them.
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Be Safe And Cautious
Never agree to meet someone alone that you've only met online. Take a friend and find a meeting place where there will be a lot of people and even security for that extra protection. Always tell friends and family about the people you meet online and any arranged dates or meeting places.

At CompatibleSingles.com, we offer several ways to communicate before meeting which will help you get to know your possible match. Try sending e-cards, text messaging or chatting online before meeting in person.
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Take Charge of Your Love Life - Search Profiles
If your love life is important to you then take the time to do some serious searching. That may mean fine tuning your search criteria to enhance compatibility. At CompatibleSingles.com, we have several different ways to search for a match. First, we are constantly working behind the scenes to find you a match and when we do, you will receive possible candidate alerts via email.

Second, you can log into your account and create a Match profile which can be used for searching. You can also view new members to keep your prospects open or search through one of our local singles clubs to find someone near you.
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Communicate Then Date
At CompatibleSingles.com, we offer innovative ways to communicate with other members. You can text a member you're interested in or send them an e-card online. Both your contact information and theirs is kept private until you're ready to disclose it. Just open the profile of a member you like and choose the communication option that suits you best.
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Go Mobile - Date On The Go

Now you can take CompatibleSingles.com with you where ever you go. No app to download and install. Just navigate your smart phone's browser to www.CompatibleSingles.com and access a mobile version of our site. It works the same with all the great features you're used to and more.

You can also send text messages to other members using your smart phone and your CompatibleSingles.com account.
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Check Your Email For Matches

We will send Match Alerts to your email address as soon as we discover them. All you have to do is check your email address periodically and click the photos and links of compatible matches included. It's that easy.

This is a great feature for our busy members who don't have time to log into their account every day. Now you can let your potential matches come to you.
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Read Profiles Carefully
Our member profiles are comprehensive and include a lot of information for prospective matches. Without comprimising privacy, we find out things about our members that help promote compatibility.

Our profiles include favorite hobbies, personal preferences and work habits. All these aspects of life greatly impact any relationship and as a result, its success. Just click on the View Profile button when searching to view this information.
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Become A Matchmaker

Have a single friend that would like to meet someone? Now you can become a matchmaker on CompatibleSingles.com. Invite them to join or send a member link of someone you think they would like.

There's no better feeling than contributing to someone else's happiness. At CompatibleSingles.com, you can search our profiles for yourself or a friend.
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Join An Online Singles Club
CompatibleSingles.com let's you search for local singles clubs in your area or you can start one yourself. Does your church already have a singles club you would like to register with us or have single members that would benefit from one?

We have the tools to organize members, schedule events and help locals find your club online. Our online singles clubs can bring locals together, online and offline.
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